ClicData Focus Feature #2: The Data Merger

Today I will introduce you to another feature of ClicData, The Data Merger.

Within ClicData, we developed a way for our users to link multiple sources of data and merge them into a single data source.

To do so, you need to access the Data Merger underneath the Data tab on the left side menu.

Just drag & drop the data sources you wish to merge together then select the link icon on the top right side of the merge window and create your link between your sources


Select the columns you want to keep for this new data sources by clicking the check-boxes on each source. Then click on the Process icon located on the top right side of the Data Merge windows.

You will be redirected back to the list of your data sources while the new merged data source is being processed. You can then use this merge as a normal source for your dashboards.


And now, every time one of those sources is being updated, through the scheduler for example, the data merge will be updated as well. Pretty neat right?

Well that’s it for today! See you Tomorrow and Happy Dashboarding!

One thought on “ClicData Focus Feature #2: The Data Merger

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