ClicData Focus Feature #3: The Data Transformer

Today I’m going to run you through another feature related to the management of your data sources within ClicData, the Data Transformer.

On your Data Source menu, under every data source, you will notice a pencil icon you need to click to access this feature. Note that this feature is meant for users which know their way around T-SQL.

The Data Transformer will allow you to work on your data sources within ClicData by using Transact-SQL language. To do so, click on the green + button, this will add a new step to the list of transformations that will be applied to this source.


You will have multiple options available here, (add new columns, set value, rename etc.. )


The Value field is where you enter your T-SQL instructions.

Once you are done with your transformations, click the apply button.

Note that you can add multiple changes on different steps through this feature. They will be all listed on the left side of the Data Transformer window.

ClicData Data Transform

And every time your original data source is being updated with new data, all transformation steps you have set up will be applied again to the updated source. Pretty cool, right?

Remember to check out our previous posts about our Data Management features, Tomorrow we’ll start to get into creating your own dashboards!

Happy Dashboarding!

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