ClicData Focus Feature #4: Create your Dashboard

Today we are looking at one of the main feature of ClicData: Creating your dashboard. I won’t go into a lot of details, It’s probably better if you experience it by yourself ;).

First, you will want to create your first dashboard, a pretty easy step. Once you are done selecting the primary parameters (name, size, template etc..). You will be able to drag and drop your first widgets from the top right widget menu of your dashboard:

As you can see in this tutorial video we’ve put up together, creating a dashboard is really easy.

They are many widgets available to help you visualize your data, but not only. You will be able to create dynamic filters, insert calculations formulas between widgets and data sources etc…

Also, all the work you will have done on your dashboard can be shared with your colleagues, clients etc. Actually, they can help you build a dashboard as well and share data sources with you!

Just add them as users of this dashboard through the little key icon, the same way you do for your data sources.

ClicData is primarily a collaborative tool!

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