ClicData Focus Feature #5: Share your Dashboard!

Hello Readers ! Today, I’m going to talk a bit about the sharing features of ClicData.

Last entry, I created a simple dashboard that I now wish to share with my colleagues, clients, friends etc.

I have multiple options available to do so.

First, through the Security Key icon, I can invite people to see, modify the dashboard and its data source or give them administrator rights. They will be warned of their new privileges through an email.

ClicData Security

You can also use the Share Menu which will allow you to create a pdf or a picture of your dashboard you can save on your hard drive, or send by email.

An other way of sharing your work is to create a short link to your dashboard and send it to your contacts. Remember that those last options are “read only”, you will need to use the security key if you want people to modify your dashboard.


As you may see right now, a few options are greyed out, they are meant to be active in the following weeks. Namely, sharing on social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.) or programming a dashboard so it can be automatically shared every day/week etc. at your convenience.

If you have KPIs to submit on a regular basis, this feature will prove to be quite useful.

That’s it for this week ! If you haven’t tried ClicData so far, remember you can register for free at and give it a go. There might be still a few bugs here and there but if you happen to meet one, please tell us at so we deal with it “pronto”

Happy Dashboarding!

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