Its decided… We will always be a StartUp!

Today I decided that ClicData will always be a StartUp.  I hope I can say the same 5 or even 10 years from now!

A StartUp is energetic, filled with ideas, we joke, we play, we work – hard!  Together we put more effective hours into one week than most non-startups put in a month!  Don’t believe me?

Look at Ferrari and what they had to start doing to be more effective:

Can you imagine this?  Stop emailing so that you can communicate more!  Ridiculous!  And everyone is applauding this action as being forward thinking!

This means that they have a bunch of people working that regardless of channel of communication are time wasters!  Email has nothing to do with this!

At ClicData we could be working from home or working 1 meter away from each other.  We may raise our heads and peek over our screens to talk, we may skype, we put post it notes, we use nerf guns to get attention,  we use twitter, we pick up the phone and yes…  even email is used even though we are right next to each other.  How and what you communicate and to how many is based on the urgency, what you are trying to say, the recipients and who should be informed.  We don’t generalize because generalities are things of non-startups.  They are things of corporations.  They treat everyone the same because they don’t know how to handle differences.

StartUps (should) embrace differences.  Differences of opinions, pace, style, intelligence, creativity and work methods.  If the environment  is positive and work is being done who cares about the rest?

Marissa Mayer’s Work from Home Ban is another generalization that big corporations are adopting (  Why would a CEO have time to really work with the employees and determine who can and should work from how and how much.  It is so much easier to piss of the few that actually work harder or just as hard and use the benefit of working from home (perhaps in lieu of a higher salary) – let’s put everyone in the same bucket… everyone stop working from home.

As a StartUp such generalizations would ensure mass exodus in a short amount of time.

Google was everyone’s baseline for a StartUp.  The puffy chairs and children park-like offices with a 70’s/Star Trek  styled furniture was everyone’s dream job.  Here is a big corporation that finally got the employee.  Or do they?

“We have the luxury of being a data-driven company with people with the analytic chops who can do the math,” People Operations chief Laszlo Bock tells Manjoo. “We also have a large enough scale so that when we run experiments, they’re statistically valid.”

So they have lots of people that they treat like numbers that are statistically valid therefore “experiments” are valid.  Outliers would have left anyway so who cares?

How about managers facing the facts that they are no longer in control of the product or services directly but they can work with the people that are in control of the product and services.  And they can talk to them, listen to them and act on a person by person basis!  This is your job…  your number one job!

Yeah… I love coding.  It has been close to a year since I did some serious coding (meaning more than 6 hours straight).  I miss it.  But I get so much more enjoyment of seeing my engineers build 6 things at the same time, and work on massively huge projects – something that as a single person  could never do.  This is gratifying beyond belief.

And it’s mostly gratifying when I see the same spark that I have coding or designing or creating in those people.  When I see the same passion, attitude, love for their work as I do, it gives me the feeling that I am Starting Up all over again.

StartUp For Ever!

2 thoughts on “Its decided… We will always be a StartUp!

  1. Nice post!

    But I think the problem of the corporations you told about is also a society problem: Organisation of these corporations have always been like that, so why should we change it?
    And you can extend this to pretty much everything… people usually don’t like differences, and try to “normalize” everything… they don’t get it!
    Differences is the best weapon a company have: differents ideas and desires, differents way to work..

    A great news that Clicdata will always (i hope) be the same! :)


    • Agreed. It is applicable to many things, not only companies. Governments being the biggest examples of setting rules that must fit all.

      However that would be a big change whereas privately owned companies or even companies managed by people that understand this, could easily change their ways and motivate their teams to be like startups…

      I hear Facebook gets it but never worked for them…

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